Eat regularly (don’t skip meals)

You might have heard about this from different sources that eating different meals in small amount throughout the day is the best solution to deal and win with the battle of obesity. The claim and the word of mouth is that frequent meals or snacks keeps the metabolic rate in a good position, staves you off from any source of appetite and it also controls blood sugar as long as the food or snacks that you are eating is healthy. If you are thinking about crash diet and wants to lose weight in this way; that will not give you the best results on long term basis. You eat less, your metabolism rate decreases and this result in laziness, weakness and bad mood. Visit DietHealthMag!

What researchers say?

A study form one of the universities found out that if there is a low calorie diet plan to lose weight, certainly that is not a good plan because you are not going to lose weight in an effective manner. The best way to get good results is to split the meal into six meals.

Another study found out that changing the eating habit will not affect the weight loss as such. Splitting meals into six rather than three will not help you out in burning calories or any sort of weight loss. In fact, this would increase the appetite more and the person will urge to eat more.

So the research concluded with no end results that whether to divide meals in to six or whether it is fine to have three meals. Now the question arises that if the splitting of meal does not help than what will help? According to one of the wellness manager, the best way to resolve this issue is to cut down the calories, without thinking about this that how many times you nosh. You can eat as many times as you want but the only solution is to check out your calories.

Another good solution is to take pills along with the meal. The best up till now and is approved by FDA is Phen24. It is safe to use and can be very helpful in losing weight and keep your metabolism active and will leave a good impact on the mood and body as well. You will have to take meal regularly with this and keep up the normal exercise with it along with the use of this pill.

Taking more than 3 meals a day?

According to the experts, eating more meals will not speeds up your metabolism or may not burn fats, might be, but it will help you in many other ways.  The more gap you will have in between the meals, the more hungrier you will become and in this way you could over eat. The blood sugar of the body  decreases when the body is hungry or you haven’t feed your body for more than 3 hours.  After 4 hours, your body might have digested whatever you had eaten earlier. Once the body reaches to 5 hours without food, this is the time that you will consume, whatever comes in the hand at first due to low level of sugar. It is obvious that you will go towards refueling.

This is the main reason that breakfast is really important. We sleep around 7 to 8 hours a night and some sleep even more. So this is quite a long time without food. Imagine what the body will digest when all the food has been digested.  The body needs energy to get moving. People who eat breakfast early are less likely to gain weight than those who skip their morning meals or do it a bit late. Those who eat early gets more nutrients like vitamins, B2 and vitamin A. they can resist food cravings a well and can decide better food choices , and will most obviously intake protein in their food.

If you starts your day with a good and healthy breakfast and then taking meals as well after every 3 to 4 hours, not that much heavy, you are providing a good nutrient to your body and brain and you are ready to go with the stream as well.

How to take snacks the right way?

If you are going to choose mini meals after every 3 to 4 hours, the greatest danger that you will face is eating a lot more than the requirement.

Try to have meals like these:

  • Fresh fruits that contain low fats.
  • Vegetables that are in raw form. Make a good salad bowl of it by adding hummus or any good low fat sauce for dipping.
  • Whole green crackers that contains one ounce of low fat
  • Quarter cup of mixed dry fruits like nuts, whole green cereals

If you cannot make good meals the whole day than it is better to have three good meals a day.