Overcoming weight loss resistant

When we look for something which can help us to lose weight then wherever we look whether a television program or and social media platform we only find one thing, to reduce our weight we need to cut down the calorie intake per day then only we can achieve our target. And with the deduction in calories we have to more focus on exercise and other workout. Even if we visit any health nutritionist or any trainer they also prescribe the same thing that reduce your daily calorie intake and adopt more exercise in your daily routine then only you can lose your weight. They offer this line as a simple solution and who else visit them to consult they offer the same advice for everyone who is in the search of weight loss diet plan.

There are different weight loss program and challenges as well to overcome this weight loss issue, weight loss challenges are now more trendy but it is especially for those who can afford that much fee, as the challenges are very expensive and it is not confirm that will you be able to achieve your desired target or not. Everything is not for everyone as one size does not fit all. May be you are not achieving your target as your body type is different from others. Garcinia cambogia is a good choice if you are looking for natural weight loss plan.

In mostly cases weight loss resistance is the reason of some metabolic and physiologic imbalance. It makes difficult to lose weight especially for women it seems like a big challenge even if they put their best efforts in order to achieve their target. But the weight loss resistant doesn’t allow any gym or challenge to fix that issue.

This condition makes people full of frustration especially women get so much frustrated if they face same issue. I know some of the ladies who are unable to lose weight after attempting challenges, yoga, exercise and adopting different diet plans. They get nothing from it and day by day they start getting mentally unhealthy because of frustration.

Can weight loss is genetic?

Do you think that the weight loss resistance is genetically connected with your body? Yes there are lots of people who eat a lot but gains nothing sometime not even a single ounce. On the other side there are people who belongs to other category, whatever they eat they owns it as a fat sometime people use today that it seems that they gain weight as they breath, and some says that they gain weight even if they drink water. So it can be depended on your body type and it can be connected to your body genetically.

Genetics play a great role in your daily life but if it is playing a great role then what about the other things as exercises, challenges and other supplements. Their business will suffer if genetics has all the things in its hands. There must be some other reasons as well.

There is some imbalance in the body which is connected with weight loss resistant;

  1. It can be hormonal imbalance
  2. Chronic stress condition can also give you weight loss resistance
  3. May be some neurotransmitter disorder
  4. Sometime if the digestive system doesn’t work properly weight loss resistance may occur
  5. May be there is impaired detoxification in the body

Some other solution to overcome weight loss resistance:

Try to find out your body physiology:

Try to communicate with the medical practitioner who can work on you to find out the metabolic imbalance in your body and to get a good nutrition plan which can help your body to achieve its desired targets.

Use some supplements and herbal medicines:

Use some herbal supplements and medicines in your daily routine; one of the supplements is Garcinia Cambogia which is a herbal and tropical fruit. It helps you to decrease your appetite by which you can decrease your calorie intake and as well it reduces the cravings for fast food and other unhealthy food which is bad for your health. It even balances your cholesterol and blood pressure level which can help you to prevent yourself from many dangerous cardiac disorders like heart attack and strokes.

Exercise daily:

Whatever happens whether you achieve your target or not, remember one thing in your life that never keeps yourself away from exercise and workout. It is the important pillar and base of your bones and muscles. If your muscles become weak then nobody can make you active with your weak body. Exercise is playing it important role in various factors. It not only works to reduce weight but exercise also helps to reduce the stress level and to boost up the brain functions and power. Always follow exercise in your routine if you want to be fit and smart.