4 Steps To Gain Hardcore Muscles

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Here in this article, we will discuss the steps to gain the hardcore muscles. Workouts for core strengthening are no longer a matter of conceit but an effort to change tummy into a six-pack. Exercising is the main and only source to get a well-shaped body and the hardcore muscles. Let’s start the four step method to get hardcore muscles.

  1. Traditional Crunches:

You can start your training with crunches. It is one of the fundamental keys to achieving the goal of having a six-pack!
For crunches, lay down on a mat with a straight back and bend your knees about 90 degrees. Fix your feet under something solid so you can pull up your body up against it. Place your hands under the neck. Keep your spine in a straight position and go up by flexing only at your hips.  Push your body up to the point where your elbows touch your knees. After touching, go back in the first position and repeat the same.

  1. Kneeling crunch:

In this exercise kneel with one arm straight on the mat. The arm should be straight and directly under the shoulder. The knee and the arm of the opposite side should be on the mat in a straight position. Simply bend your second arm and knee so that they two touch each other. Keep doing these for at least 30 seconds until you reach your failing point. Relax, breathe, take a break and continue until you complete at least 3 sets. This exercise works for rectus abdominals, internal and external oblique.

  1. The bridge:
    In this exercise, you will form your body into a bridge or a table like postion. Your hands and feet will touch the ground in a straight position while belly facing the ceiling. In this exercise the hands and arms must be flat on the ground. To start, push your belly upward by keeping the thighs tight. Then hold your body in this position for a few seconds. The next step is to lift one foot off the ground while keeping the knee straight. Keep the leg in the line of your chest. Hold your body in this position by pushing your belly upward. The last step is to flex your hip of raised leg so that your toes are pointed towards the ceiling.

Hold this position as long as you can. Then do the same exercise with the other foot. Repeat this exercise with both feet one by one. This exercise is especially designed for shoulder flexibility.

  1. Twisting roll back:
    In this exercise, lie down on a mat or a sheet. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Place your arms straight towards the knees and push you’re back upward while keeping the hips fixed on the ground. Make a curve of your spine into a C shape. Twist your trunk to one side, bend one elbow and pull it back at the level of the shoulder. Keep both the arms forward and return to start. Repeat the same exercise with the other arm and make it twist.

After discussing the exercise, now we will move on the principles of the daily routine for hardcore muscles:

  • Do your exercises as a course with 30 seconds between different exercises.
  • Try to complete at least 3 sets of each exercise.
  • Hold any posture of exercise only for a few seconds.
  • If the exercise is too easy then drop it from your routine and move to the next level.
  • Leave the exercise which begins to trouble you.
  • In the beginning, two courses will be enough.
  • Try to avoid the poor form of exercise because it will damage the purpose of your workout.
  • Do not hold your breath during any exercise.
  • You can also use crazybulk supplements along with your daily diet in order to maintain your muscle strength and power.
  • Must avoid oily meals from your diet in order to achieve the required goal of a six-pack!
  • Must go to the doctor if you feel any exercise is hurting your body parts.
  • Go with a step by step method.

Getting a six-pack or hardcore muscles is not an easy job. So, whenever you try to achieve hardcore muscles, make your mind ready for a strict diet and a hardcore exercise routine!